About 3D MAXpider

3D MAXpider is a well-known manufacturer of custom fit rubber auto floor mats, car accessories and sun shades. However, 3D MAXpider fitted floor mats are the most popular product by the brand. 3D MAXpider has been on the market for over 25 years and they do not offer too many products, because they focus on quality rather than quantity. Each product is crafted to perfectly fit the vehicle it is listed for.

3d maxpider

While developing the perfect floor mat structure, 3D MAXpider has obtained several patents. This way, they stress, that they have invented the car floor liners noone has developed before. 3D MAXpider is headquartered in Fontana, California. That’s where they have their manufacturing facility and main office. Their floor mats are available for purchase through the dealers and on major marketplaces (ebay, Amazon, etc.).

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3D MAXpider – Reviews

by Bernadine G. Moore on Floor Liners for Tesla Model X

Before I bought these mats, i gave a call to Tesla. I spoke with Tesla Support and they told me that there is no difference between their mats they use for Model X 2018 and the previous ones. So I decided to order the mats that you folks offer for 2017. They fit pretty well and look better than the other mats available for my model S. No smell, no sliding.

To those, who are thinking: It is safe to say that these are nice-fitting all weather floor mats for Model X (including the 2018 one)

by Ivan Lansford on Floor Liners for Tesla Model S

I am happy about the way Maxpider mats fit 2018 Model S, even though they are stated to work on the 2016-2017. I saw people saying you'll have to trim something to make the rears fit but in my case, they fit right without any modifications. So far, your mats are the best out of what I saw online. Placed my order on Amazon, they shipped and I didn't have to wait.

I have had my 3D Maxpider liners for 3 seasons now and I am thrilled with them. They work GREAT and look even better! I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase these over other brands available. Everyone who sees them as me what they are and where can they get theirs! outstanding value and quality. PERFECT fit. ZERO issues and all smiles!

I just bought a set of your mats for my F150. I love them

by David Collins on Frunk Liner

I'm giving you folks 5 stars for the Kagu floor liners that I have in my Tesla. I'm waiting for the frunk and trunk liners to appear on your site or Amazon, so that I could order them as well.

by Steve on Kagu Floor Liners

I just received a front and rear set of you 3-D MAXpider mats. The fit is fantastic

by Frank D. Paynter on Floor Liners for Subaru BRZ

Like that carbon fiber pattern! These mats look way better than the weather techs I had previously.

These mats look better than the heavy-duty liners I used to have. After all, Pacifica is not a truck.... Like the way, the edges align with the contours of my floor.

by Jim H. Smith on Floor Liners for Ford Focus

Quality mats, good a good deal on them on Black Friday. Fast delivery, they won't slide all around the floor area.

by Billy V. Behrens on Floor Liners for Honda Fit

Love the way these liners protect the floor of my Fit! Besides, they look great.

I ordered a set of mats for my Model X even though they said they are made for 2017. Perfect fit for all 3 rows, and I'm pretty sure the interiors are the same for 2017-18. 1st and 2nd row fit perfectly, 3rd row could have been done somewhat better. But overall, I am happy with the purchase.

Hi, I love your all weather floor liner. I have them in three cars. 

All the other brands of all weather liners/mats are crappy and would like to continue using the 3D-Maxpider floor liners. 

I bought a Sonata for my son and bought a set of your mats for his car. Great mats, perfect fit.

by R Fischer on Kagu Floor Liners

Had them in my Audi Q5. Loved them. Now I’m waiting for them to come out for the Subaru Ascent.

by Rachel C. Montes on Universal Cargo Liner

A nice cargo liner. Good deal for the money. I like the way it stays in place. The liner was pretty easy to trim, so recommend to all Fiesta owners.

by Patricia R. Foley on Floor Liners for Dodge Ram 1500

Descent mats for the money. I like gray mats, as dust is not that visible, as it usually is on black ones.

by Jennifer R. Battle on Floor Liners for Toyota Tundra

These mats are molded, so I bought them to travel to my sister in winter, when it will be snowing in her area. I hate sush getting on my stock carpet...

by Mark S. Sherman on Floor Liners for Toyota Tacoma

Quality product for the money. Love the way the mats attach to the factory floor carpet.

by Antony C. Eskew on Floor Liners for Ford F-150

Descently priced molded liners for my Ford. I like everything except of the logo, I wish you had Ford logo on them....

I like these mats in my truck. I bought them because I liked the price, and there was a discount on Amazon. Good value for the money, quick delivery, easy installation.... They do not slide under the pedals, unlike Walmart mats I previously had.

by Johnnie A. Thomas on Floor Liners for Toyota Camry

I wanted mats with raised edges that will not turn the interior of my Camry into a commercial truck. I was afraid that the 3D liners will have that strong rubber smell, yet they do not smell at all and fit right. My mats are beige, and I like the color...

by Terry R. Ziegler on Floor Liners for Honda Odyssey

I've got a kid and 2 dogs that quite often trvel with me in my Ody. I love the 3D MAX mats fit and how they protect my floor. I am satisfied with the price as well. The mats were easy to install and clean.

by Marjorie Quinn on Floor Liners for Tesla Model S

I had hard time locating the floor liners that would not look too heavy-duty in my S, so I went with the Classic mats. They look grat and are easy to clean.

by Susan K. Flannery on Floor Liners for Honda Accord

I am satisfied with my Kagu mats. I bought beige mats and I must say I bought them because of the price. Before, I considered WeatherTech mats. But since they do not give discounts, I decided to try out 3d kagu mats. They look great and do not look too heavy duty in my Accord. For now, I am pleased with what I've got.

I recently received a set of the 3d Maxpider Kagu floor mats for my wife's 2015 Forester XT (L1SB0091509). First off, I'm impressed with the fit and finish so far. I was checking some online reviews, and see that there are black rubber grommets available to fill the holes where the mat pegs come through.

I love interior of my Model 3, and I ordered the mats that will look right in it. The Model 3 is not the vehicle to get a set of universal Walmart mats into it, and is not a truck for heavy-duty liners. So far, these are the only liners that look right in the Model 3. I love the way they fit, they do not slide. Hope they will last.

by Steve on Kagu Floor Liners

I purchased a complete set (front and rear) of your 3-D matts for my new Taurus SHO.  I love the “carbon fiber look” and the image is much better than the weathertech.  I also love the fact that when wet, it does not slip or slide under my feet.  I actually work for Ford and refer customers to your product versus buying the rubber all season matts we offer in the parts department!

I’ve been looking at your kagu liners and have been thinking of purchasing a set.  I recently saw a YouTube video showing some improvements to the liners.  The area where your drivers foot heel would rest has been improved where, rather than having that part of the mat being glued on, it is now molded into the mat.  I’ve been trying to find a good deal on these mats.  Found a dealer selling them through eBay and another dealer selling the through Walmart’s website.  Both are selling them cheaper than what I’ve typically seen and was excited that they might fall in my budget.

I had to wait for 5 weeks for the mats, as there is high demand for these 3D liners for the Model 3. I got the mats and now I understand, why people wait that long. The mats are awesome! They do not look like the mats for the truck. And they do not have that rubber stink.

Ordered a set of the 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats for my wife’s Lexus and got a set for my Model 3. I totallt like the loo and fit!

by Miguel S. Hamilton on 3D MAXpider Mat vs WeatherTech

I picked 3D Maxpider mats for the 1st row of my Focus, as I found these mats to be a cheaper alternative to Weathertech. Plus, there was a special offer on Amazon, so I got a discount. Mats are good, but still they could be cheaper.

by Trudy J. Fried on 3D MAXpider Mat vs WeatherTech

I bought 3D Kagu liners for my Camry because of their appearance, as I did not want that heavy duty look the other brands have. So far, this is a good WeatherTech alternative for those, who don't want to feel as they are in an off-road truck when they drive a sedan....

by Curtis L. Lackey on 3D MAXpider classic floor liners

Okay I have Cayenne and I wanted custom mats that will fit right. You know, that's not the vehice for heavy-duty rubber mats, you know. So I picked these classy liners in tan and I totally love what I've got. They look custom. The only think I am not happy bout is that I cannot order them with Porsche emblem.

by Kathleen B. Smith on Classic mats

I live in California and I hate when dust and and get everywhere. I hate breathing with dust, that's why I usually select carpeted mats, even though they normally do not last long. I like the shape of these 3d mats and carpet surface. Hope they will last long due to that reinforced pad they have on the driver's mat.

by Rosa Jenkins on Kagu Mats

I picked black Kagu mats because I feel my BMW needs mats that look classy, without deep channels and stuff (you know, like Weathertech does, or Husky, or those universal Walmart mats). And they are cheaper and fit nice.

by Otis K. Sansone on Kagu Floor Liners
Awesome mats!

I bought Kagu floor mats for my Honda Accord, and I absolutely love the way they fit. They do not look too roght or you know, off-roadish, like Weathertech or Husky. They are just normal for a sedan like my Honda. And yes, my Accord is 2011.

I wanted Aries mats for my Mercedes, yet they do not make them in tan, so I had to pick Maxpider liners. So far, they are pretty much okay.

I bought lloyd mats in red for my Civic, got them and they stink! That horrible rubber smell made me mad, so I bought tan 3D kagu mats and I totally like them. Just my opinion!

by Rodger A. Wilson on Kagu Floor Liners
Bought a set for 4Runner

I ordered Kagu mats for my 4Runner in black. They fit right and do not get under the pedal. I thought of these mats as a less expensive alternative to Husky and Weathertech, and I'm satisfied with what I got.

by Charles L. Chapman on 3D MAXpider vs Husky

I was selecting between Husky mats and these Kagu liners, and I like 3D Maxpider Kagu mats I finally got.

by Angela J. Ortiz on Kagu Mats

I wanted mats that will not look too commercial or heavy-duty in my Odyssey. But I need protection, as I have 2 kids and a golden retriever. I've had these mats for 3 months so far and returned to post a review. Just wanted to let other people know, that these mats 100% are worth the price, and they do not stink and do not leave gaps.

I used to have weathertech digital mats in my previous vehicle (F-250 truck). Yet now I've got Honda Accord and these mats do not look right in my sporty sedan. That's why I tried these 3D mats, as I like the pattern, and I am satisfied with what I got...

I picked these classic mats for my Camry to match my black interior. And I must say, they are better than the stock mats, and I love that they are molded, not flat.

by Marjorie L. Rodriguez on Kagu Floor Mats

I love the way these mats fit my Odyssey! Mine are gray.

by Quincy J. Hogan on Kagu Floor Mats

I ordered black Kagu mats for my Focus, and I like the way they work. Mostly, I like that they do not have that strong rubber smell and do not stink even when I leave them in my vehicle closed. And they are very soft.

by Dennis Tidwell on Mats

The main thing I like about 3D maxpider mats compared to weathertech is that they are softer yet do not seem to wear a lot.

by Jim M. Brown on Kagu Mats

I needed black custom floor mats for my Tundra. These fit okay and I liked fast delivery.

by Camille R. Gallup on Classic mats

I love the way these mats perform in my Tacoma. They don't slide under the pedal like the flat rubber mats I got from eBay.

by Tommy C. Crooms on 3D MAXpider classic floor liners

I am glad I picked these mats for my Forester. Shape is right and they fit as they are supposed to, everything is cool, they do not stink. Yet I wish I could add Subie logo to them, that's why I am giving 4 stars. Please consider this add-on option.

by Lynette R. Martin on 3D MAXpider classic floor liners

I picked these mats for my 4Runner as I use it as a daily driver and I like when it's comfy inside. I do not understand when you pick regular rubber mats, as they do not keep dust inside. These 3dmaxpider mats are cool, as they have 3d shape along with carpet coverage

Floor Liners by Make & Model

3D MAXpider mats are available for the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs that are used by the Americans. These mats are a popular and cost-effective alternative to Weathertech, and unlike Husky liners do not contain any components that fall under the Prop 65. 3D MAXpider mats fit right and protect floor area from dirt, dust, slush, particles, etc. You can check the floor mats for your vehicle to determine, whether that is the look you are into.